The77 Issue One

a brand new, retro comic. It has a very wide and eclectic range of contributors, writers from Steve MacManus to Kek-W, artists from Ian Gibson to an 11-year-old called Drew Marr – and many breakthrough creators that we have watched grown and take their place in the comics industry.

  • Temporal Anarchy Dark myths set in 1977, brought to you by Philthy Luka, the original punk rocker – By Alan Holloway and Neil ‘Blackbird’ Sims 
  •  V In the future they’ll fight to become history – By Steve Bull and Ade Hughes
  •  The Screaming Hand! Trapped in a web of para-anatomical terror – By Kek-W and Conor Boyle
  •  Angel – By Baden James Mellonie and Steve Austin.
  •  The Last Man Brexit in space with killer robots – By Phil Elliott and Michael Powell
  •  The Prodigal Enslaved for three centuries by the Dark Fae, mankind awaits their liberator – Mal Earl
  •  Key Runners Loyal secret agents, whose mission is to defeat organised crime and government corruption  – By Drew Marr
  •  TechnoFreak Criminals, robots and Maurice the cat – By John Charles and Tom Newell
  •  Lifeboat – a poster of Ian Gibson’s unpublished Masterpiece
  •  Penny Pentagram London’s Grooviest Occult Detective – By David Thomas and Jonny Roydon
  • Division 77 ….Fighting a future war to save humanity, again – by Dave Heeley and Sinclair Elliott.
  •  Tinkling Triangles As featured in The SheerGlam Conspiracy – by Steve MacManus and Brendon Wright
  •  Have Blaster, Will Travel ‘When The Stranger hits town, it stays hit!’ – By Paul McCollum and Ed Doyle
  •  SGT. SHOUTY of the Moon Force In space everyone can hear you shout! – By Lew Stringer
  •  Tempered Curse  1312AD: the last days of the Knights Templar – By Dave Bedford and Morgan Gleave

Plus exclusive features on 

  •  ROK! The God by John Wagner, Alan Grant and Dan Cornwell
  •  ComicScene magazine 
  •  Edge of Extinction by Baden James Mellonie and artwork by Ryan Brown. 

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