The story behind our Editor and the front cover of Issue 2

Neil Blackbird Sims cover for Issue Two of The77 is surely going to stir memories of Garry Leach’s early work on “Marvelman” for Warrior with that dramatic “Krackle”, but it’s his own, distinctive and eye-catching work. Impressive stuff!”

John Freeman Creator and Editor of Down The Tubes

Issue 2 of The77 features a cover by Neil Sims of The77’s own editor. “That’s Benksy, the fictional editor of the 77, a character Ben had in his head for years until we got together and put some meat on his bones” according to The77 issue 2 Cover Artist Neil Sims.

“My name among certain zines fans of a certain age is Benksy. I based the character on the 70’s TV character Mr Benn but with a punk edge” – Ben Sky

Mr Benn at 50: why they don't make children's TV like this any more
Mr Benn

The Cover took Neil three days “Paper with acrylic paint, no digital to get a more traditional 70s/80s feel” says Neil

Dave Heeley (The77 Editorial Team) was impressed “Breathtaking. The colours are vivid and yet there’s a softness of touch that shows how masterful Neil’s art is.”

“The blue colour is quite striking against the pale yellow border, which enhances the image of the bowler hat wearing character, who’s eyes are radiating who knows what! The way the flashes covers just enough of the character, that means you have to pick it up to see what they are partly hiding is clever. The only thing for me would be the supposedly hand written name of the person who it’s to be delivered to. That is way too neat from what I remember all those years ago!” – long time 2000AD reader,Cellar Of Dredd blogger and Everything Comes to 2000AD podcast member John Burdis

The 77 issue 2 Cover Artist Neil Sims

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