The77 Kickstarter #2 launches on Saturday 13th June

The77 Kickstarter #2 launches on Saturday 13th June…/the7…/the77-the-summer-special
Full list of Rewards:
Digital copy of The77 #2: £4
The77 #2: The standard edition: £7 PJ Holden variant: £8
The77 #2 with BIOMANIAC STICKERS: £10

The77 #1 & #2 standard editions: £14

The77 #2 + signed cover print by Neil Sims + stickers: £18

The77 #2 + Signed RETRO WORLD POSTER by Phil Elliott: £19

Unique signed Penny Pentagram script: £20

The77#2 PJ variant + signed print + stickers: £24

The77 #2 & stickers & T shirt: £25

2 SIGNED SCRIPTS & The77#2 BIOMANIAC + Stickers: £27 (Dave Bedford – Trompe la Mort, Steve Bull: V, Joe Dunn: Undertow, Bambos Georgiou – The Cell, Dave Heeley: Division 77, Kek-W: The House That Never Was, Steve MacManus: The Collector, David Thomas: Penny Pentagram, Barrie Tomlinson: Ghastly United, Dan Whitehead: Gutcrawlers)

Standard + variant & prints + stickers: £29 Both editions of #2: Standard edition with Neil Sims cover. Variant collector’s edition with PJ Holden cover. Both prints signed by Neil and PJ Holden. BIOMANIAC stickers included!

Artist sketch & The77 #2: £30-40: An A4 single character sketch. We thank the following artists for their generosity in supporting this Kickstarter: Conor Boyle, Jeremy Dunn, Mal Earl, Sinclair Elliott, Morgan Gleave, PJ Holden, Ade Hughes, Andrew Richmond, Jon Roydon, Andrew Sawyers, Neil Sims and Lew Stringer. PLUS The77 issue 2 + BIOMANIAC stickers!

Signed Lifeboat print + both variants: Pledge £42: Ian Gibson’s Lifeboat – Signed limited edition A3 print. Plus both variants of The77 (issue 1 by Nick Percival and issue 2 by PJ Holden) plus BIOMANIAC stickers.

Your name, company or face in a strip! Pledge £50: Go down in history – get your name or business logo in one of The77 strips. Alternatively get your face a friend’s in a frame too. You will also receive a copy of The77 issue 2 with BIOMANIAC stickers!

The exclusive variants plus signed posters package: £50 The ultra rare issue 1 Nick Percival variant with signed A3 print and The77 #2 PJ Holden variant with signed A3 print and the BIOMANIAC stickers PLUS Benksy’s Retro World by Phil Elliott and Ade Hughes cover: issue 1 signed prints

Your name on the front cover! £99 Do you remember back in the day the newsagent writing your name on your beloved comic? Now you can have your name written on everyone’s standard copy. This reward comes with issue 2 with your name adorning it and the BIOMANIAC stickers

Benksy’s Retro World original art: £99 Phil Elliott’s line art for BenKsy’s Retro World poster. Commissioned for the super rare variant edition of No1. A one-off in every sense of the word – The original artwork for this soon to be legendary artwork! This reward also comes with issue 2 and the BIOMANIAC stickers + the signed A3 print.

The whole 77 kaboodle: £200 (Doing a Burdis)
Issue 1 standard edition: Ade Hughes cover.
Issue 1 Ba’al A3 print, signed by Ade Hughes
Issue 1 variant collector’s edition: Nick Percival cover
Issue 2 variant Ba’al A3 print, signed by Nick Percival
Issue 2 standard edition: Neil Sims cover
Issue 2 standard cover A3 print, signed by Neil Sims
Issue 2 variant collector’s edition: PJ Holden cover
Issue 2 variant cover: A3 print signed by PJ Holden
Variant edition: Benksy’s Retro World A3 print signed by Phil Elliott
Lifeboat A3 print signed by Ian Gibson
Leonardo Manco A4 limited edition print
Limited edition: BIOMANIAC stickers
The77 blue edition T shirt
The77 blue edition Hoodie
The77 red edition Truckers cap 16. All Digital editions as pdf’s
Set of 4 badges
Postcard set
The77 keyring
A surprise gift from Benksy

The77 #2 cover artwork by Neil Sims: £250 The77’s mysterious editor Benksy debuts on the cover of issue 2: The Summer Special. You can own the exquisite multi-media artwork by renowned artist and sculptor, Neil Sims. This truly one-off piece of art is signed by Neil.

Be our guest of honour at Lawless 2021: £500 Hot off the press! We are sponsoring Lawless 2021 on Saturday 15th May. Be our guest and join us at The DoubleTrees (not Peach Tree) in Redcliffe Bristol. We’ll show you around, introduce you to our creators and have a drink or two with you! You’ll receive exclusive merchandise and we’ll throw in accommodation for one night and tickets for two. This reward is subject to cancellation or postponement caveats. Please confirm you are available to attend the event on Saturday 15th May 2021. The accommodation is for up to 2 persons and both will receive complimentary tickets to the event on Saturday.

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