The very first backer of Issue Two of The77

Kevin Symonds

The77 Launched on on Saturday 13th June at 9.05 am and the very first backer was long time 2000ad fan, Admin of 2000AD Original Comic Artwork and Art Collector Kevin Symonds!

“I was a backer for the first issue and was just eagerly awaiting the next one”

Kevin selected just the issue with the Biomaniac stickers as a reward as “however much I’d have loved the full package I can’t be spending that much atm, maybe with a future issue but love the idea of sticking to the old style “freebies”

The BIOMANIAC stickers are based on Neil Sims amazing tattoos, not a well known free gift from 1977! (smaller than illustrated here)
No photo description available.

Kevin had previously bought issue 1 “Very nice, some great stories and artwork. Main complaint is that some really didn’t have enough pages! I know they will continue in further issues but who wants to wait? It’s really nice to see the work done by others you’d probably not otherwise see”

Kevin is a long time time 2000ad fan and art collector “Never been a DC or Marvel fan. Eagle and Scream sort of thing after Whizzer and Chips etc but 2000ad from around prog 455 and ever since that’s been it for me.

2000 AD #455 - Prog 455 (Issue)
2000AD prog 455

“I’m lucky enough to have a page of Cam Kennedy’s artwork from that issue. I have a few hundred pages of 2000ad artwork too, very proud of my collection. Lucky enough to have some great stuff, including a couple of Halo Jones pages…. have never spent a fortune on the tiny US comics, most of my knowledge of characters come from the movies and online articles!
2000ad has been my mainstay all through school, college, uni and all the way to now. Things like 77 slot in very nicely just wish I’d also got into Dogbreath and Zarjaz when they started too so making sure I am in on the ground for new stuff”

The77 Issue Two Summer Special Kickstarter can be backed here

The77 Issue One can be ordered here

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