The77 Issue 2

 The77 issue 2: The SUMMER SPECIAL! 
available here on 16th August

Benksy: Editor of The77 by Cullis/Sims

Issue two Contents
V – part 2: ‘Enter, The Tormentor!’
Prodigal : Part 2.
Gut Crawlers part 1: Essential workers doing the Galaxy’s dirtiest jobs
Undertow:’ Day 1′ New story debuts in issue 2
The House That Never Was: The second instalment
The Cell: Could you survive the cell?
Lifeboat: The second feature
Division ’77: Fighting a future war without end
Trompe La Mort: Death comes to Brittany
Jericho-5 The Boat That Screamed
Martian Law: He is the Law on Mars!
The Collector: A Sci-fi yarn from BLAZE!™
Penny Pentagram: London’s grooviest Paranormal detective
Skate Worm: ‘Resuscitated – (not) educated – Skated!’
Ghastly United: 70’s footie action with a twist!
SGT. Shouty of the Moon Corps! In space everyone hears him shout.

Issue 2 collector’s variant edition cover by PJ Holden (available as a signed print too!)

DIVISION ’77 created by Dave Heeley & Sinclair Elliott. Artwork by PJ Holden

Issue 2 Exclusive T-Shirt

The77 blue edition T shirt – available as a reward!


Our BIOMANIAC stickers are based on Neil Sims amazing tattoos, not a well known free gift from 1977! (And will be smaller than illustrated here)

The77 Preview:

V – part 2: ‘Enter, The Tormentor!’ by Steve Bull (The77) and Ade Hughes (SpaceWarp)

V by Steve Bull and Ade Hughes

Prodigal returns. Created by Mal Earl 

Prodigal by Mal Earl
 project video thumbnail

Gut Crawlers part 1: Essential workers doing the Galaxy’s dirtiest jobs by Dan Whitehead – (Speccy Nation, Hex Loader, Midwinter) and Paul Williams (2000AD: Judge Dredd)

Gut Crawlers by Dan Whitehead and Paul Williams

Undertow: Day 1′ by father and son team Joe and Jeremy Dunn

Undertow debuts in issue 2. By Joe and Jeremy Dunn

The House That Never Was: The second instalment by Kek-W (2000AD: Deadworld, Fall of Deadworld) and Conor Boyle (Hook Jaw)

‘The House That Never Was’ by Kek-W and Conor Boyle

The Cell: Could you survive the cell? by Bambos Georgiou (2000AD: Chopper Song of the Surfer’ Marvel UK: Knights of Pendragon) and Andrew Sawyers (debut)    

The Cell by Bambos Georgiou and Andrew Sawyers

Lifeboat: The second feature on the unpublished masterpiece by Ian Gibson (2000AD: Halo Jones, Sam Slade, Judge Dredd)   

Learn more about this unpublished masterpiece

Division ’77: Fighting a future war without end by Dave Heeley (The77#1) and Sinclair Elliott (Zarjaz: Judge Dredd) 

DIVISION ’77 by Dave Heeley and Sinclair Elliott

Trompe la Mort: Death comes to Brittany by Dave Bedford (The77#1: The Tempered Curse) Andrew Richmond (Greyborough)  

Trompe La Mort by Dave Bedford and Andrew Richmond

Jericho-5: The Ship That Screamed by PJ Holden (2000AD: Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper) 

Jericho-5 ‘The Ghost Ship’ by PJ Holden

Martian Law: He is the Law on Mars! by Brendon Wright (The77 #1: The Tinkling Triangles)     

Martian Law by Brendon Wright

The Collector: A Sci-fi yarn from BLAZE!™ by Steve MacManus (Action! 2000AD, Crisis, TMO My life inside the Nerve Centre, The SheerGlam Conspiracy) and Charlie Gillespie (2000AD: Sinister Dexter)   

The Collector by Steve MacManus and Charlie Gillespie

Penny Pentagram: London’s grooviest Paranormal detective by David Thomas (WP Comics, Night Hunters, Avatara) and Jon Roydon (The Lost Graveyard)    

Penny Pentagram and friend by David Thomas and Jon Roydon

Skate Worm: Created by Smith & Conan (Skate Muties from the 5th Dimension) with art by Morgan Gleave (The77 #1: Tempered Curse)

Skate Worm. Created by Smith&Conan, art by M. Gleave

Ghastly United: 70’s footie action with a twist! by Barrie Tomlinson (Tiger/Roy of the Rovers/Scream!/Eagle) and Neil Sims (The77#1: Temporal Anarchy) 

Ghastly United by Barrie Tomlinson and Neil Sims

SGT. Shouty of the Moon Corps! In space everyone hears him shout. Created by Lew Stringer (BEANO, Combat Colin, Brickman, Oink!)   

SGT Shouty of the Moon Force! by Lew Stringer

The77 issue 2: The SUMMER SPECIAL! 

 project video thumbnail

 The77: Benksy’s Retro World!

Benksy’s Retro World poster reward by Phil Elliott – available as a reward!

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