Issue Two signing at Newport’s Heroes – ‘77 takes Island by Storm !!!

The77 comic had a comic signing on a successful comic signing on Thursday 27 August at Heroes Comic shop at Newport, Isle of Wight with Divion 77 artist Andrew Sawyers

“What was cool whilst there was a steady stream of customers who’d specifically come in store for The ‘77 – including a backer who his KS copies signed bought more !!! Better yet was the kid who put down the gaming cards and bought a ‘77 instead and the mother of two daughters who were comic fans, but not interested bought one for herself – never read a comic and now has a signed copy of The ‘77 … Reactions varied from its like 2000ad when it was good, it’s like Heavy Metal to I like the variation of stories or different art etc – through to its a breath of fresh air to we’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time !!!”

Artist Andrew Saywers and Heroes manager Rob Mead

According the Heroes Manager Rob Mead the signing went well “The signing went great, there was a steady steam of people for the whole day, Andy was amazing and drew sketches for everyone that wanted one. It was going to be a 2 hour event which turned into a 6 hour one”


The signing happened due to a chance meeting between Andy and Rob at the Heroes shop. “Andy came here on holiday and popped in to the shop and introduced himself and handed me a copy of The77 #2. We like to support new comics and I was already in the process of getting copies for the shop through Get My Comics. Andy spent a couple of hours in the shop and we just hit it off straight away, liking the same stuff talking comics movies and music. After he left I contacted Adrian at Get My Comics and asked if he could send some more #2’s so I could get Andy to sign them before he went home, he said yes then I thought hang on a min lets see if he would be up for a signing which he very kindly was, “

The77 issue 3 kickstarter
The77 at GetMyComics
Heroes Shop

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