The77 issue 4

The77 Cover by Jon Roydon

Cover Penny Pentagram by Jon Roydon
Penny Pentagram pt 2/3 Colour David Thomas, Jon Roydon 6 pages
Bounty on the Mutie (Colour) Bambos Georgiou, Neil Sims 4 pages
Prodigal (Colour) Mal Earl – 4 pages
Trackless Depths pt 2/3 (B&W) Dave Bedford, Ben ‘Mac’ Macleod   -5 pages
The Cell pt 3/4 Colour Bambos Georgiou, Andrew Sawyers – 6 pages
V pt 4/10 (Colour) Steve Bull, Ade Hughes, Darren Stephens -2 pages
V pin up by Hughes, Darren Stephens
Demon For Dinner “Chi77er” B&W Jim Tomlinson, Rupert Jones-5 pages
Martian Law pt 3 Colour Brendon Wright -5 pages
77 Stars poster Bambos Georgiou
Scarred for life feature by Jo Heeley-2 pages
Undertow pt 3/4 Col – Joe Dunn, Jeremy Dunn 4 pages
FunSShun (Colour) Paul Duncan, Robert Wells -6 pages
Division ’77 pt 4/5 Colour Dave Heeley, Sinclair Elliott, Darren Stephens – 2 pages
SGT. Shouty pt 4 (Colour)Lew Stringer -1 page
Valkyrie pin up Andrew Sawyers
Sk8te Worm – (A5 Zine insert) B&W Conan and Gleave

You can get issue 4 and back issues of The ‘77 here at Big Cartel:

The77 variant cover by Lew Stringer

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