The77 Issue 3 Cover unveiled : Ade’s Aced it Again!

I see the cover as a movie poster with the tagline It takes opposing forces to create the storm Steve Bull writer of V The Cover to issue 3 of The77 by Ade Hughes has been unveiled. Foreground is the heroine Anat (her with the axe in issue 2), behind her, is the mysterious HaydnContinue reading “The77 Issue 3 Cover unveiled : Ade’s Aced it Again!”

Issue Two signing at Newport’s Heroes – ‘77 takes Island by Storm !!!

The77 comic had a comic signing on a successful comic signing on Thursday 27 August at Heroes Comic shop at Newport, Isle of Wight with Divion 77 artist Andrew Sawyers “What was cool whilst there was a steady stream of customers who’d specifically come in store for The ‘77 – including a backer who hisContinue reading “Issue Two signing at Newport’s Heroes – ‘77 takes Island by Storm !!!”

The77 Issue 2

 The77 issue 2: The SUMMER SPECIAL! available here on 16th August Issue 2 Exclusive T-Shirt  BIOMANIAC STICKERS The77 Preview: V – part 2: ‘Enter, The Tormentor!’ by Steve Bull (The77) and Ade Hughes (SpaceWarp) Prodigal returns. Created by Mal Earl  Gut Crawlers part 1: Essential workers doing the Galaxy’s dirtiest jobs by Dan Whitehead – (Speccy Nation, Hex Loader, Midwinter) and Paul Williams (2000AD: Judge Dredd) Undertow:‘ Day 1′ by father and son team Joe and JeremyContinue reading “The77 Issue 2”

The77 issue 2: The Summer Special!

Do you remember as a kid, when the summer stretched out way before you?  A carefree time when ‘being back by tea-time’ was the only rule and your biggest worry was the newsagent selling out of your favourite comic’s Summer Special? It’s back! ‘The Summer Special’ is coming and will be delivered in time to save your summer packed withContinue reading “The77 issue 2: The Summer Special!”

The very first backer of Issue Two of The77

The77 Launched on on Saturday 13th June at 9.05 am and the very first backer was long time 2000ad fan, Admin of 2000AD Original Comic Artwork and Art Collector Kevin Symonds! “I was a backer for the first issue and was just eagerly awaiting the next one” Kevin selected just the issue with the BiomaniacContinue reading “The very first backer of Issue Two of The77”

The77 Kickstarter #2 launches on Saturday 13th June

The77 Kickstarter #2 launches on Saturday 13th June…/the7…/the77-the-summer-specialFull list of Rewards:Digital copy of The77 #2: £4The77 #2: The standard edition: £7 PJ Holden variant: £8The77 #2 with BIOMANIAC STICKERS: £10 The77 #1 & #2 standard editions: £14 The77 #2 + signed cover print by Neil Sims + stickers: £18 The77 #2 + Signed RETROContinue reading “The77 Kickstarter #2 launches on Saturday 13th June”

The story behind our Editor and the front cover of Issue 2

Neil Blackbird Sims cover for Issue Two of The77 is surely going to stir memories of Garry Leach’s early work on “Marvelman” for Warrior with that dramatic “Krackle”, but it’s his own, distinctive and eye-catching work. Impressive stuff!” John Freeman Creator and Editor of Down The Tubes Issue 2 of The77 features a cover byContinue reading “The story behind our Editor and the front cover of Issue 2”

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