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Temporal Anarchy

Temporal Anarchy is introduced by  Philthy Luka, an old punk who still longs for the good old days of 1977.

‘Jimmy’ the Main Character

It concerns a no good punk rocker who finds a magic safety pin, that gives him proper punk musical talent. But nothing comes for free and there’s a sting in the tail of the tale.

Philthy Luka

Interview with Alan Holloway about The77 on DownTheTubes

The Tinkling Triangles

By Steve MacManus and Brendon Wright

As featured in The SheerGlam Conspiracy – by Steve MacManus and Brendon Wright

The Tinkling Triangles” are a dysfunctional family pop group who have reformed to tour their Greatest Hits across the galaxy. Unfortunately, an underhand act sees them board the wrong spaceship – one they discover that is bound for the war planet Hades!

Steve MacManus

An annoyingly bouncy celebrity family are the bane of a very sensible, profit conscious and opportunistic manager. How can this poor, greedy, pinstriped gent rid himself of these musical monstrosities? It’s like “The Bumpkin Billionaires” turned sci-fi.

Brendon Wright

SGT. SHOUTY of the Moon Force

By Lew Stringer

Sgt. SHOUTY of The Moon Force“. Yes, his name should always be in upper case, ‘cos he’s VERY LOUD.

Sgt. SHOUTY of The Moon Force“. Yes, his name should always be in upper case, ‘cos he’s VERY LOUD.

Lew Stringer

Tempered Curse

1312AD The last days of the Knights Templar by Dave Bedford and Morgan Gleave

“Tempered Curse” a true story about the fall of the Knights Templar’s and the curse that befell the architects of their downfall. I wanted to create something like the look and learn comics.

It’s based on fact, but there is a magical, mythical quality to it.

Dave Bedford

The Prodigal

Enslaved for three centuries by the Dark Fae, mankind awaits their liberator – Mal Earl

Prodigal takes place on a future earth where the kingdoms of Dark Fae, fed up with man destroying the planet, have mounted a successful invasion and extermination plan. Three hundred years on, the remnants of humankind abide, subservient to their faerie masters, oblivious to their previous history but awaiting the return of a legendary figure, who will ultimately free them from their bondage.

It will hopefully be a freewheeling adventure, with undertones of the Planet of the Apes concept, but with the Fae replacing the apes.

Mal Earl
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