Tempered Curse

1312AD The last days of the Knights Templar by Dave Bedford and Morgan Gleave

“Tempered Curse” a true story about the fall of the Knights Templar’s and the curse that befell the architects of their downfall. I wanted to create something like the look and learn comics.

It’s based on fact, but there is a magical, mythical quality to it.

Dave Bedford

The Prodigal

Enslaved for three centuries by the Dark Fae, mankind awaits their liberator – Mal Earl

Prodigal takes place on a future earth where the kingdoms of Dark Fae, fed up with man destroying the planet, have mounted a successful invasion and extermination plan. Three hundred years on, the remnants of humankind abide, subservient to their faerie masters, oblivious to their previous history but awaiting the return of a legendary figure, who will ultimately free them from their bondage.

It will hopefully be a freewheeling adventure, with undertones of the Planet of the Apes concept, but with the Fae replacing the apes.

Mal Earl


You can pre-order The77 now!


PDF of The77 comic: £4
Standard cover comic: £6.95 + p&p UK £3, EU £4 US £6
Variant copy with Nick Percival cover and Phil Elliot poster
£7.77+ p&p UK £3, EU £4 US £6

The 77comic + signed writer’s script, choose from:
Steve MacManus: The Tinkling Triangles
Kek-W: The Screaming Hand!
Dave Heeley: Division77
John Charles: TechnoFreak – ‘A Stranger Calls’
Dave Bedford: Tempered Curse
Paul McCollum: Have Blaster, Will Travel
Alan Holloway: Temporal Anarchy
Steve Bull: V
Michael Powell: The Last Man £17 + p&p UK £3, EU £4 US £6

The77 comic + A3 signed cover print by Ade Hughes: £17 + p&p UK £5 EU £6 US £8

The77 comic + T shirt
When ordering indicate size requirement – SM, Med, L, XL, XXL, 3XL
£20 + p&p UK £5, EU £6 US £8

The77 comic + A3 Ian Gibson signed Lifeboat print
£27 + p&p UK £5, EU £6 US £8


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