The77 : Richie’s Review

Philty Rich Reviews: 1,2,3 Go!

“Whatvid? Covid, doesn’t matter we’ve got a new comic to read and as soon as you touch it you can feel the difference thanks to the paper stock. It may seem trivial but it just feels like quality before you even start on the stories, my favourites of which I’d like to highlight now. Division 77(Dave Heeley, Elliots, Bolt) lol one little virus eh? Once we get up to 96 pages of this it’s destined for a collected edition, good pacing great art work.
V(Bully from the boot camp, Ade Hughes, Annie Parkhouse) I was hooked from page one of this and it has just gone from strength to strength, my only issue with this one is I want more of it.

Division 77

The Screaming Hand (Kek-w, Conor Boyle, Annie Parkhouse(If you can find the A team you use the A team)) Wonderfully atmospheric, Conor Boyle is definitely picking up what Kek is throwing down and I can envision the screaming hand on a nice T-shirt.#

issue 1 special mentions: Mal Earl for Prodigal just missed my top three, awesome solo work here with really nice colour pallete changes through issue 2&3.
Neil Simms and Brendon Wright for great colour and texture, both a joy to behold.
Lew Stringer for, well, being Lew Stringer.
Drew Marr: a nice touch of originality for one so young.#


Issue 2 we get a new writer(to me anyway) burst into the77 with 2 whopper stories Gut Crawlers and Jerico-5 with PJ Holden and Paul Williams on art duty. Gut Crawlers especially is right in my horrible future jobs wheelhouse.


with all of our returning stories from issue1 resolving cliffhangers and world building this is a very enjoyable read.

Issue 2 also sees the beginning of the Cell (Bambous Georgiou, Andrew Sawyers, Filipo) Probably the most visually striking strip in the mag, you just have to see it really.

Can’t forget The Ghastly United either, I love grey scale with touches of colour so this ones a tap in, easy goal.

Issue 3: We are in full swing baby, all of the stories above are in full stride and we finally get to meet Sgt. Shouty’s Nemessis, roll on issue 4 and beyond.

Big Love and lots of Vitamin D to the whole 77 crew.”

Philty Rich Flannery.

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